Amanda Snitker has been a Colorado resident for more than 20 years and has lived in the Denver metro area since 2002. She has enjoyed living in the Baker Historic Neighborhood while owning a home built in the early 1900’s. Amanda is a third-generation realtor and grew up with a father as a general residential contractor – these relationships and knowledge have allowed her to live the Colorado lifestyle, offering credibility and expertise for the process of buying and selling homes to help her clients achieve their dream living experience.

Her education and prior work history provide a valuable perspective on Colorado real estate. Amanda earned bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Iowa State University and a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. From 2004 to 2009 she worked as a water resources engineer for an established water rights engineering firm in the Denver area. Her education and work experience add the benefit of knowing that her background in engineering brings with it high moral and ethical standards as well as an understanding of timely and organized processes and communications.

The desired result for her clients is to provide a confidence that they have been presented with the most comprehensive, innovative, and results-oriented process to achieve their desired lifestyle dreams. Amanda intentionally builds long-lasting relationships as she leads her clients down a path towards a foundation for long-term real estate opportunities.

In addition to her personal and professional background, Amanda is affiliated with a number of organizations including:

“Amanda was responsive and knowledgeable regarding the market! She was accessible by phone, email, or text 100% of the time that I worked with her. I really appreciated her insight and guidance!”


“Working with Amanda made buying our first home a great experience! She is extremely knowledgeable not only about the process, current market, and neighborhoods but also in looking at the houses themselves; able to give solid advice. She was very quick to respond to all of our questions, and a great negotiator. I highly recommend Amanda!”

Brent and Sarah, First-time Home Buyers

“Amanda was wonderful to work with. She is knowledgeable, prompt, organized and kind. She helped me find a wonderful home during a time when the market was very competitive. Thanks to her advice, negotiating skills and support the sellers chose my offer over higher offers.”


“Although the market is hot right now, I believe that because of working with Amanda that we received a higher price for our property then we may have received otherwise. We had more showings and offers than we could fathom. Amanda is laid back, patient, and is likely working for you when you don’t even know it and she has a definite expertise of the downtown Denver area.”

Allison and Luke

“Coming from out of state, we were nervous about finding a place to live. Amanda not only made the process easy but helped us to get to know the areas in which we were looking to buy. Amanda was very accessible and dedicated to helping us find a place that we loved, even with our time restrictions.  She went out of her way to ensure all aspects of the transaction were completed to our satisfaction.”

Fred and Megan

“I had the fortunate experience to work with Amanda on both buying and selling. Quite simply she was amazing to work with. She is incredibly insightful and friendly and her expertise is what brought success through the entire process. Even post-closing she has reached out to make sure everything is well including helping resolve some issues on her own time. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone that wants to ensure a successful, fun, and positive experience whether buying or selling.”