Episode 6: Home Staging

This episode will cover the basics of the home staging process. An interview with Roxann Lloyd with Red Chair Designs

What to look for in a home designer:

  • Someone who is a collaborative designer who wants to work in partnership with the homeowner

Why hire a stager for a consultation?:

  • Having a professional staging consultation can definitely help a home sell faster and for more money.

What is a Home Staging Consultation?

  • Two types of consultations: A “walkthrough staging consultation” and a “vacant property staging consultation”.
  • A walkthrough consultation is for a homeowner who is still living in their house and will have their belongings there through the selling process.
  • A vacant property staging consultation is when the property is vacant and basic furniture and décor will be brought in to give potential buyers an idea of how the home will live.

The Walkthrough Staging Consultation:

  • Consultant will take notes of what items need to be taken care of and leave the seller with a checklist.
  • The list will start with what needs to be done for the “curb appeal”, then move to what the buyer will see when they walk through the front door. The list will be broken down room by room with tips for the to-do list.
  • Remember: Selling your home “looks” different than “living” in your house.
  • When staging your home for selling you’ll want to be “invisible” so potential buyers can have a better opportunity to see themselves living in the home.

Follow-through for the staging process:

  • You will need to stay on top of keeping the house cleaned up and tidy. This will help you earn more money at the closing table.
  • Try to see the staging from a buyer’s perspective.

The Vacant Property Staging Consultation:

  • No need to stage every room – only those that are the “first impression” rooms. These include, rooms you see as you walk through the front door, dinning room, master bedroom, a bathroom.
  • Only light staging is required. This will include basic furniture: a living room with a sofa and one or two chairs, end table with a lamp and light décor; a master bedroom with a bed, nightstand, a lamp and light décor; a bathroom with only a few towels hung; and a dinning table and chairs in the dinning room.
  • All of these items can be rented based on the home seller’s budget and design scheme.

What are the most impactful things to do for a home staging:

  • For those on a budget either for money or time or both is to PACK and DECLUTTER!
  • Leave only the basics and do a thorough deep clean of the entire property. This will include professionally cleaning the carpets, cleaning the baseboards, cobwebs, etc.
  • Take things out of the rooms that might indicate a problem with the property, i.e.: storage shelves, the plunger from the bathroom.
  • Pets – take them out of the house for any showings – mostly because it can be very hard on the animals to have strangers in and out.

Personal Protection:

  • If items are of sentimental value or of financial value – take it out of the home or lock them away.
  • And items that have your personal information on it should be removed or locked up to protect your personal identity.
  • Check your “junk drawers” as these often have things like keys, gift cards, money, or jewelry left in them.

To contact Roxann Lloyd, you can email or call her at 720.320.4029.